About Us

Specialist Education Advisory was founded in 2018 to provide independent advice for students looking to enter international schools in Hong Kong, Australian schools (including boarding schools) or university studies in Australia.

We are an independent education consultancy who believes in students having the right to choose their own education. We will provide students with information on various institutions and assist them with visa applications and connect them directly with school/s.

Jessica Yuen

Jessica Yuen possesses first hand knowledge of the Hong Kong and Australian Education system.
Jessica was born and attended international schools in Hong Kong before going to Australia for further studies.
With extensive experience in teaching at English Schools Foundation (ESF) and international schools as well as working at an education consultancy, Jessica understands what parents needs for their children's education. She also has first-hand knowledge of moving from Hong Kong to Australia and of the challenges students face.

Maureen H

Maureen H is SEA's General Manager. Maureen has studied Business Administration at Charles Sturt University and has extensive experience after previously working at an education consultancy firm.

Why choose SEA?

  • Expert consultant to take care of your child's study in Australia and Hong Kong
  • Independent advice to help find the right school for your child
  • One stop support to assist your child throughout the study in Australia and Hong Kong

Why study in Australia?

  • Australia is considered relatively close to Hong Kong, 6 hours to Perth, 8 hours to Brisbane, 9 hours to Melbourne
  • Australia is a multicultural society and has access to the Great Outdoors
  • Australia has a high student to teacher ratio and excellent teaching

Why study in International school in Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong has a variety of international schools, which have different curricula
  • Exposes students to different cultures
  • English Medium Education
  • Students have the opportunity to study abroad (in the future)
  • Inquiry based learning
  • Encourages students to have a global mindset
  • Students are more well rounded in academics, sports and the community

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