What is the right school for my child?

The right school for one child is not necessarily the same for every child. There are a variety of factors that parents consider when choosing a school including...

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The importance of bilingual education in Hong Kong

A bilingual school is usually a school which offers a curriculum in two languages, usually bilingual schools in Hong Kong teach in English and Mandarin (Putonghua)...

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The Benefits of a Hong Kong International School vs a Local School

A recent question was posed on a parent forum "How do we ensure that the recent protests do not affect the quality of a child's education?" Overwhelmingly, parents all agreed that the recent unrest in Hong Kong has not affected any of the students in Hong Kong international schools and if anything...

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Event recap: "Demystifying the IB Diploma"

SEA was honoured to host panelists from Hong Kong and Chinese International Schools on Saturday 19 October 2019 at Best Western Plus Hotel. We had panelists from International College Hong Kong, Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) International School Foshan, Stamford American School and Navigate Counselling.

SEA founder and CEO Jessica Yuen posed many questions relating to the International...

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Hong Kong International Schools and their sister school counterparts

Amidst the unrest in Hong Kong, residents are seeking options to leave the Territory to other destinations in South East Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand etc.

Many international schools have sister schools in these countries and some ...

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Local School vs International School

This is a query I get asked a lot by parents in Hong Kong.

This comes down to how important these following factors:

  • How important is Chinese fluency to your family? Do you want your child to ...

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