Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of factors that parents and students must consider when they choose a school. Some factors include location, cost of school fees, type of curriculum and the track record of the school, i.e. where their graduates go onto. The most important factor is that the student feels comfortable and feels it is the right school. If possible, the family should visit the school to get a feel for the environment prior to enrolling in the school.

A debenture is another name for a loan repayment. This is usually used to fund capital projects to improve building facilities, maintenance and other school development work.

Parents are often asked to pay a Nomination Right, Debenture, Capital Note or Foundation Certificate when applying for schools and, in some cases, this may have priority on an application. This can be applicable to individual/corporate debentures but ranges from school to school.

Debentures can be nonrefundable, refundable or depreciating, which means you may get back some of your money when your child leaves the school.

There is also the opportunity for parents to purchase debentures on the second hand market, but you are always best to check with the school that the debenture is still currently valid.

For Australia, there are some factors which need to be considered including whether or not that school is able to take international students.

Other factors parents and students need to consider are the values that the school has, the schools’ pastoral program, the extra-curricular programs on offer at the school and the academic results of the school.

In the case of university, it maybe the course on offer or the reputation of the institution.

We highly recommend that parents and students visit the campus or meet with the international student coordinator/school representative prior to enrolling in the school.

Boarding schools will take applications usually 1–2 years before. As for universities, typically Hong Kong students apply in July when results are released and go to Australia in February of the following year.

SEA will continue to work with your family for one academic year. We will continue to check in with your family on a monthly basis to ensure you are satisfied with your child’s school. If you would like to transfer to another school, SEA is committed to ensuring that you as a family are happy with the choice you make.

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