Why us

Expert Consultants

Expert Consultants

First hand experience in Australian Schools

First hand experience in Australian Schools

Connections with schools in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom

Connections with schools in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong SAR, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom

Assist with visa applications/school applications

Assist with visa applications/school applications

In-house Readiness  Assessment

In-house Readiness Assessment

Personalized Service

Personalized Service

Our Team

Jessica Yuen

CEO & Founder

Specialist Education Advisory (SEA)

Jessica Yuen was born and raised in Hong Kong and undertook university studies in Australia. She founded SEA to assist parents looking for schooling options in Australia. She also provides admissions advice to families looking for Hong Kong International Schools. Jessica works closely with Worlgo on Australian migration matters.

Damien Lee

Director, Worlgo, Hong Kong

Advisor, Specialist Education Advisory (SEA)

Damien Lee (MARN): 0852953 (www.mara.gov.au) is an Australian registered immigration legal adviser and a Chinese Australian. He is currently an equity partner of Worlgo Immigration and advisor to SEA in Hong Kong. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, he has been in the industry for more than 12 years.

Maureen Ho

General Manager

Specialist Education Advisory (SEA)

Maureen Ho is the General Manager of Specialist Education Advisory (SEA). She was born and raised in Hong Kong and studied business at Charles Sturt University. She handles all of SEA's administrative matters.

Russell Duncombe

Education and Counselling Partner, Specialist Education Advisory

Director, Navigate Counselling

Russell Duncombe is an experienced educator, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He has more than 17 years teaching in Australia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Currently, School Counsellor & Secondary Teacher at Stamford American School Hong Kong and Director of Navigate Counselling. Navigate Counselling has partnered with SEA to provide readiness assessments for students aged between 6-15 years old and a personalised career profile builder which we expect to roll out shortly.

How We Work

  • We identify the right school for your child
  • Provide families with in-depth advice on Australian schools
  • Liaising with the Department of Home Affairs for visa applications
  • Liaising with schools on families behalf
  • Assess the child with SEA’s own personalised program
  • Assist with school applications
  • Work with the family until the children are placed

Who We Work With

SEA works with families looking for schools in Australia. We work in close partnership with Worlgo

Work With Us

Thank you for your interest in joining SEA's team. We currently do not have any vacancies open, but please feel free to email us for any opportunities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

SEA Charitable Foundation

To continue to help students get into Hong Kong international schools (including ethnic minorities, refugee, asylum seekers, helpers children etc)

To provide community outreach including
– Tutoring for the older children as they get ready for their exams
– English tutoring
– Feeding the homeless

The opportunity for 1 family a year to study abroad in Australia/New Zealand, they would be given enough money for their first year tuition fee.

– Families would be subject to a means test
– Subject to the student’s final grades in HKDSE, A Level, IB Diploma or equivalent
– Whether the student is able to go abroad to study