What is the right school for my child?


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The right school for one child is not necessarily the same for every child. There are a variety of factors that parents consider when choosing a school including:

    • Track record/academic scores of that school
    • Facilities
    • Reputation
    • Proximity to home
    • Support services offered for English language support/Special Education Needs

These are just a few factors that parents consider.

In Australia, there are three different types of schools:

State schools, which are funded by the government. Fees for these schools tends to be lower, but international student intake low too.

Catholic schools, which are funded by the church. There are fees, but there are subsidised by the church.

Private or Independent school, which have their own autonomy. These are generally more expensive and have better facilities and more international students within their community.

Most Hong Kong parents consider sending their children to private or independent schools as they are comparable to international school standards and do not put so much pressure on their child as opposed to the local Hong Kong curriculum, which puts a lot of pressure on the child.

SEA always advises if possible, to visit the school prior to starting at the school. If you are unable to visit, it is best to visit their representatives when they come to Hong Kong in June 2020 or to watch their virtual tour online.

How do I know my child is able to reach the English standards needed by Australian schools?

Most children in Hong Kong local schools are not able to reach the English standards required. Those who do, generally speak English at home or are exposed to it on a regular basis. There are two ways that children can opt to get ready to go to Australia. One is to enrol in the schools bridging program which requires the children to be in an intensive English program, then integrate to the mainstream classroom within 6 months to 1 year.

The other option is that the students do an AEAS assessment, which is accepted by many Australian schools as an admissions test. This tests reading, writing, speaking and listening.

If you are interested in SEA’s Australian Education Preparation Class commencing at the end of March, please sign up at (insert link).

When is the right time to start in an Australian school?

The Australian school year starts in January. However, some schools also do an intake mid-year. i.e. starting at the end of July.

However, this does depend on what school you are applying for, the more popular schools you do need to be applying to these schools at least two years advance before commencement. Most schools do regular that you apply at least six months to one academic year in advance. i.e. for January 2021, applying by June 2020 at the very latest.

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