Scholarships and Bursaries in Hong Kong: A Full Guide

In the bustling city of Hong Kong, renowned for its educational opportunities, the landscape of scholarships and bursaries is both diverse and plentiful. Scholarships and bursaries are financial awards or aids that can significantly lessen the financial burden of education. As admissions and education consultants, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help families navigate these opportunities and find the right funding options for their children’s education.

Scholarships and bursaries available in Hong Kong International Schools

In Hong Kong, there are two different types of support available to families wishing to receive support. They are usually in the form of scholarships and bursaries. Some schools also call these “financial aid”.


Some international schools offer scholarship opportunities for students who have an aptitude for a particular sport i.e. football, basketball etc. or have a talent in say the area of dance, drama, art etc. Some schools offer partial scholarships, which would be offset against the tuition fees. Scholarships can range from 10-100% of the tuition fees, but typically families will have to pay for the additional fees such as extra curricular activities, school trips, lunches, uniforms, transport etc.

International schools in Hong Kong which offer scholarships include American School Hong Kong (ASHK), Australian International School Hong Kong (AISHK), Chinese International School (CIS), DSC International School, Hong Kong Academy (HKA), Harrow International School, Malvern College Hong Kong, Renaissance College, The Harbour School (THS) and Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA).  


Bursaries are needs-based and are typically designed to assist students who may not have the financial means to cover the cost of their education: Schools such as Kellett School and Harrow International School offer entrance bursaries which cover the cost of tuition fees, IT equipment, extra curricular activities, transportation to and from school, compulsory school trips, school uniform, PE uniform and any other cost the school deems necessary. Parents have to prove that they meet the needs test on an annual basis. Schools consider the families income, assets and family circumstances. 

All pupils do still need to meet the requirements for academic entrance. 

Financial aid

Some private and international schools offer financial aid which is available to those who are experiencing financial hardship. Schools will ask for information regarding parents income and assets before offering various levels of support for financial aid. Some schools which offer financial aid include Chinese International School (CIS), English School Foundation (ESF).

Application Process

The application process for scholarships and bursaries involves researching suitable opportunities, understanding the eligibility criteria, and preparing a comprehensive application. This application typically includes academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and other relevant documents that highlight your unique qualities and achievements.

Securing scholarships and bursaries in Hong Kong can open doors to quality education regardless of financial circumstances. With diligent preparation, careful research, and a clear showcase of your abilities and needs, it is possible to secure these financial aids. Remember that every step towards securing your educational future is a step worth taking.

As education consultants, we strongly encourage students and parents to explore the opportunities presented by scholarships and bursaries in Hong Kong. They could be the stepping stone towards achieving your educational goals and dreams.

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