Hong Kong International Schools Admissions are still open!

May 20th 2020 marked the first day back at school for Hong Kong International Schools in nearly 4 and a half months!

With this interruption has brought about a few changes for the admissions process for August 2020.

Schools are still accepting applications; interviews are being conducted and offer letters being sent out.

Some schools are offering virtual tours. i.e. Nord Anglia International School, Shrewsbury International School, Stamford American School and chances for parents to ask
Principals/Heads of Schools/Vice Principals questions about the school.

Many schools have also opted to move their assessments online, for the younger years that means conducting face to face interviews via Zoom or Google Hangout. Far different from the group assessments usually held in smalls of around 5-6 students. For the older years, the assessments are being conducted at home instead of at admissions offices in schools.

At the end of the day, schools are looking for the same things:
– Student’s English proficiency level
– Whether the student is developmentally ready
– How they interact with other students (particularly younger students)
– Their English comprehension and writing (particularly older students)

However, if you are looking for a place for the 2021/22 admissions cycle, now is the time to research schools, to see whether the school is the right school for you and your family. We do not anticipate there being any changes to this.

If you are looking for:
– Guidance to choose the right International School
– Interview preparation class (for younger years)
– In-house readiness assessment (for older years)
– Assistance with the whole admissions process
– One-year follow up support whilst your child adapts to their new school environment

It is not too late to apply for Hong Kong International Schools, so if you are still interested in
seeking advice for Hong Kong International Schools Admissions, please contact us today.

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